Dr. Sandipan Ray, PhD, MRSB

Dr. Sandipan Ray is the Group Leader of the Circadian Rhythms and Disease Biology Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad India (IITH). Dr. Ray obtained his Ph.D. degree with an “Excellence in Ph.D. Research” award from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2014. He is a highly dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivated scientific professional with over ten years of experience in translational research with an outstanding track record of scientific publications (with an H-index of 21). He has work experience in the world’s top-ranking universities and research institutes including the University of Cambridge, the University of Pennsylvania, the University College London, and The Francis Crick Institute. In his career, Dr. Ray performed high-quality research with a significant contribution to the cutting-edge systems biology research in circadian rhythms, signaling networks, and infectious diseases. 


Dr. Ray is a recipient of the prestigious Thermo Scientific Annual Tandem Mass Tag Research Award in 2018.​ He is associated with multiple leading scientific organizations including Human Proteome Organization (HUPO), US-Human Proteome Organization (US-HUPO), and Society of Biological Chemists (SBC), India. He is elected to the prestigious Royal Society of Biology, UK in 2020. He is an affiliate member of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT), University of Pennsylvania, USA. He contributed greatly towards the development of various e-Learning and Open-Learning curriculums and Virtual Lab initiatives. He has scientific publications in top-tier international journals such as Science, Nature, and Nature Review Journals. He serves as a peer reviewer and editorial board member for many international journals.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) – 2014

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India

Master of Science (M. Sc.) – 2009

University of Calcutta, India

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc., Hons.) – 2007

University of Calcutta, India

Assistant Professor (2020 onwards)

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2020)

University of Pennsylvania, USA


Research Associate (2016-2018)

University College London, UK

Visiting Scientist (2016-2018)

The Francis Crick Institute, UK


Visiting Scientist (2016-2017)

University of Cambridge, UK


Postdoctoral Research Associate (2015-2016)

University of Cambridge, UK